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Rotax Global Apps

BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG, through its vast resources have developed two critical applications available for FREE  better enhance Rotax competitor’s user-experience.  Both applications are available through Google Play or through the Apple App Store and work on all mobile applications,  enjoy easy to use Rotax Max Jetting Guide app for consistant performance as well as follow event coverage with the Rotax Global Racing App.

Welcome to Rotax Global App:

This application provides important information to all participants, entrants and teams of Rotax kart racing events worldwide in real-time. The App is connected to the EVA-EMS System allowing the users to get live data from the system.

The Rotax MAX Jetting Guide App:

Designed to assist users with setting up the recommended main jet based on the ambient conditions and the type of Rotax MAX evo engines (Rotax 125 MAX evo, Rotax 125 Junior MAX evo, Rotax 125 Mini MAX evo, Rotax 125 Micro MAX evo, Rotax 125 MAX DD2 evo). The perfect set up can be calculated in two ways, either automatically which requires a GPS signal and an internet connection or by manual input of the data of ambient conditions and engine model.


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