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Pit/RV Space Reservations

Requirements – With the anticipation of a full event and the tight nature of the paddock at PITT Race it is required that all competitors/teams follow the outline to ensure pit space(s) are guaranteed and accurate.

  • Teams/Competitors can move-in Wednesday morning July 31

  • Pit Spot Size = 10 ft x 50 ft

  • Paddock is fully paved | No Staking

  • No tow vehicles are allowed in the karting paddock

  • Teams with larger operations are required to email pit maps to – technical@competition.com

  • All pit requests must have ‘Preferred’ area marked (5A, 5B, 5C)

  • There is NO charge for pit spot

  • RV parking requests must be emailed to – technical@competition.com

  • RV parking cost is $75 for length of event

Download Pit Map Here

General Details – As with any facility we ask that you show respect for the regulations at the Pitt Race facility.  A few general notes that are of importance regarding the event.

  • All persons entering the karting paddock will be required to have ‘Insurance Pit Pass’

  • There is NO fuel dumping on site

  • There is oil dumping (next to fuel pumps)

  • There is tire disposal, this will be marked and communicated at the event

  • Teams who wish to leave their trailer/trucks must follow the facility process HERE

  • The karting facility does have showers and full permanent restrooms

  • ABSOLUTELY NO motorized vehicles are allowed in the karting paddock

  • There is NO charge for pit spot


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