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A racing series without a top quality tire cannot be successful and this was common knowledge when the Rotax MAX Challenge was launched in the year 2000. After many years of cooperation with a well known tire brand, BRP (Rotax) decided to start a project to develop a tire that perfectly matched the Rotax 125 MAX family of engines, thus the vision of the MOJO tire was born.

Why develop an independent kart racing tire brand?

  • Offer a racing tire for the Rotax MAX Challenge with the best mixture between reliability, grip level as well as consistency.

  • Offer a tire that is easily and globally available through the Rotax kart dealer network.

  • Offer a tire that offers a reasonable price and value ratio that supports our main aim to keep operation costs as low as possible.

BRP knew that a strong partner was needed who could support the development as well as lead this project into serial production. We found a partner in Germany, close to the famous city of Dresden. Founded in 1946, Heidenau has a long tradition in the tire business and a team of experienced engineers. Their company mission was to remain close to its customer and their markets. These objectives secured Heidenau’s position as a leading kart tire manufacturer.

Continuous improvement as well as quality control ensures that MOJO tireshave gained a great acceptance among thousands of customers worldwide for their quality as well as their consistency.  Thus, the reintroduction of the MOJO D2 tire has received rave reviews as the grip level has improved with a much improved durability and lifespan.  The big news is the brand new MOJO D5 tire which offers a phenomenal grip to longevity ratio and has received the highest regards from top drivers, tuners and chassis manufactures around the world!

Available MOJO Tire Compounds & Applications

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MOJO D5 Technical Card

MOJO D2 Technical Card

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