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Rotax 1-2-3 Year End Engine Promotion

With the Holiday season upon us an planning for 2021 in full swing the time is perfect to either add or your Rotax engine fleet or pick up you first Rotax engine.  Regardless you won’t be disappointed, with the best in-class power matched with the lowest cost of ownership and longest lasting powertrain in Karting its not wonder why  more driver as switching to Rotax for the run and competition.

“We have always used Rotax for our driver training program, the power and longevity are simply unmatched and when track time is critical you need Rotax.  We operate at 78% less cost the competitors which puts far more budget back in the drivers pocket allowing them to have more tracks days and work on perfecting their craft.

Please reach out to one of our many Service Centers >> HERE.  If you have any questions you can always reach one of the Rotax Distributors:

J3 Competition Inc. | +1 814-864-1846 |

RTX USA Group | +1 954-900-6412    |


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