#RMCGF20 Day 5 – On Track - Race Rotax

#RMCGF20 Day 5 – On Track

October 21, 2019

The TEAM USA drivers took to the track in Sarno for the first time and the anxiousness subsided as everyone got down to work.  With the first two sessions sent primarily learning the track as well as mechanics.  As the last sessions approached so did the intensity as everyone wanted to see where they stacked up against this fierce competition.  At the end of the end of the day the team and drivers all fared extremely well given the circumstances.

Presently after Day 1 the junior contingent looks to be among the strongest here in Sarno with Zilisch and Mars leading the way with Pierson hot on their heels.  In senior the veteran and American #1 Ryan Norberg led the way with Jace Gessel looking strong while first time European experience Travis Wiley came up to speed in the final session looking to continue his improvement forward in day two.

Micro drivers are looking equally as stout with both Adam Brickley and Ben Maier setting in the top ten with Brickley besting Maier by a few positions.  In the Mini Max category Camerion Weinberg came to life in the last session and looks strong hovering outside the top ten while Alex McPherson-Wiman battled a gremlin on day one and will be looking to improve on day two.

The two-speed DD2 category is stacked and Max Hewitt has some work to do after day one and with some good improvements coming we look for him to edge closer up the field.  In DD2 Masters we were unable to see the potential of Wang and Shutt as what is deemed a airbox mounting issue hindered their performances, however Wang is no stranger to the pointy end of the field at these events and Shutt is prepared, so day two will be FUN!

Stay Tuned One More Practice Day!

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