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Official TEAM USA 2020 Race Suit

November 13, 2020

We are excited to present the new race suit which will be worn by all TEAM USA drivers at the 2020 Rotax Grand Finals in Portimao, Portugal.  This years scheme is designed with an emphasis on navy blue while showcasing the unmistakable red and white highlights.  The unique branded TEAM USA logo is continued as well with the incorporation of CAPRI Tools, a strong  valued partner of Rotax Racing in America.

Noticeably on the race suit is the branding coupled with the two United States distributors; J3 Competition Inc. and RTX USA  provides the unity of the Rotax program.  Finally, the production of this year’s suit will be entrusted in karting industry member MIR Raceline who has been the producer of the previous two years for TEAM USA as well.  A full line of apparel along with added profiles of each 2020 team member will be forthcoming as we head into one of the most anticipated annual events.

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