Effective immediately – J3 Competition has introduced two new products to its arsenal, which are both American made under the COMP brand.

First, is the Universal-Flex Cutting tool – this product allows for mechanics and racers to accurately cut the correct size of flex for there TaG application. The Universal-Flex Cutting Tool has a unique swivel release, which allows for the flex to be easily inserted and then secured in the users vise. This tool is universal for all D.50mm flex, which is the standard Flex used for; Vortex ROK TT, IAME Leopard, PRD, SONIK, and ICA.

The second product to be introduced is the TaG/KF Electrical Plate. After being tired of mounting CDI Boxes, Key Ignitions, Relays, Etc. in many different place, J3 Competition developed a unique and light-weight mounting plate that installs on the chassis steering uprights. Secured with the same bolt/fitting used for all removable fuel tanks, the Electrical plate is easier than ever to mount. In addition the piece comes equipped with all necessary holes as well as second set of holes for preferential movement. The plate is available in standard gray color and the optional Key ‘C’ bracket is additional.

All interested parties are asked to contact the Sales Department at J3 Competition for orders and questions.

About J3 Competition

J3 Competition Inc. is an undisputed leader in Race Services since 2004, providing the necessary tooling and management to take drivers to the next level. Starting in 2015 through its COMPKART ™ brand, J3 Competition will provide a full line of high-quality chassis and products designed and engineered for the Karting industry alongside it potent Race Department. J3 Competition will aim to deliver the COMPKART ™ chassis line to the North American market as well as customers globally in 2015 and beyond with unprecedented performance and service. With its content, B2B, and B2C websites presently under construction, please visit http://www.j3competition.com along with all its social media outlets to stay up to date on the latest releases and happenings regarding the COMPKART brand.



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