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Stars & Stripes + Rotax Racing 

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What is Stars & Stripes?

Stars & Stripes is the promotional structure focused on promoting Rotax Racing pinnacle events.  For 2019 the program has two events the first May 17-19 (Trophy Event) and the second August 2-4 (Open Event).  Both operate with an international rule set, lottery engine program for all participants, and prestigious awards to the Rotax Grand Finals as well as the Rotax International Trophy! Not to mention they are open to international drivers too!

Are there technical rules for Rotax Racing?

Yes, all rule sets are published on this site HERE and follow the international mandate with very few supplements, mainly for the Micro/Mini categories.

Are Grand Final Tickets Awarded?

YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! At the Trophy event the winner in Jr Max, Sr Max, Master Max and DD2 will receive the coveted Grand Finals Ticket!  At the Open event the winner in Jr Max, Sr Max, Master Max and DD2 will also receive a Grand Finals Ticket – ALSO 1st and 2nd place in Mini and Micro will receive a Grand Finals Ticket at the Open Event! Stars & Stripes Trophy Awards can be found HERE / Open event Awards can be found HERE.

What tires are used at the Stars and Stripes events?

Stars & Stripes events will ONLY utilize MoJo tires at both events.  Micro Max, Mini Max and Jr Max will utilize the revised D2 tire compound, you can find all the information about this compound tire HERE.  Sr Max, Masters Max and DD2 will utilize the new D5 compound tire, you can find all the information about this compound tire HERE.

How do I purchase and Accessory Kit – Are They Available for Rent – What’s the Cost?

Accessory kits are available through our Service Center network which you can find HERE.  The price is $795 USD which includes all the items you will need, if you already own them then that’s great too!  We will have a limited supply of 20 accessory kits available at event for rent, the rental cost is $450 (First Come First Serve).

How does the engine lottery program work at the Stars & Stripes Events?

Once you register online at the website, your engine is already part of your entry.  Your engine is available for pickup on Thursday prior to the first official Friday of the event.  Full event schedules will be posted at a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to each event!  Details on how the engines are provided and the Accessory items participants are required to provide can be found HERE.

What does a Paddock fee cost at the Stars & Stripes?

How about ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH?! That’s correct, teams and private participants are not charged for paddock fee space.  Stars & Stripes does ask that participants / teams email their requirements HERE to ensure they have adequate space upon arrival.

Is there spec fuel at the Stars & Stripes?

Yes, All fuel is available for purchase at both events onsite.  Fuel is purchased onsite through the facility ‘fuel pumps’ and can be purchased by the gallon saving the participant and team significantly.  The fuel pump is clearly marked with the Stars and Stripes branding!

When does practice start?

Official practice starts on the ‘Official Friday’ of the event, its forbidden to practice any day of the race week prior to Friday.  This enables a level structure for drivers and teams to compete without having extra travel days.  Don’t worry, participants will receive more track time including ‘HOT PIT’ sessions than a four day program, thus providing high-value track time for less costs to the competitor.

How does the limited practice tires work at the Stars & Stripes event?

Its simple, You can use your own new or used MoJo tires at the start of Friday as long as compound and sizing are compliant with the technical rules.  The first practice session after lunch break on Friday, it will be required to utilize the mandated practice tire set received with the participants entry, this set must be utilized through the remainder of  the weekend.

How many sets of race tires do we receive?

Each participant receives one set of new tires with their entry which are to be utilized as their official set of tires from qualification through to the finals!  The participant will receive another set of tires  which are required to be utilized as an official practice set utilized form after lunch on Friday onward.


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